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Help develop a strategic vision for your e-commerce and customer relationship initiatives.
We cover the following areas:
- Business consulting in the field of e-commerce
- Preparation of business cases
- Supplier Selection Support: Oversight of Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP) processes and advice on successful implementation of these processes

We provide advice on how to successfully create and launch your e-commerce channel. Expert services and audits will help you solve problems related to launching an e-commerce channel.

Selected services that can be applied to your e-commerce channel:
- Review of the e-commerce project
- Review of UX and UI E - Commerce
- Review of e-commerce architecture
- Review of e-commerce code quality
- Review of e-commerce efficiency and security
- Ecommerce Mystery Shopper Report

The UX / UI development and research team will help you resolve all customer issues.
Implementation includes:
- Prototyping
- Creating flexible project teams
- DevOps and platform preparation
- Configure and configure the solution
- Integration with external systems
- Testing strategy and testing performance
- Deploy and launch


How do we work ?

When ordering software development, the process will be as follows:

Discussion of the project

Receiving a task from the customer, discussing technologies and principles of product operation


Software product development based on customer-selected technologies and design.


Testing of the software product for the content of errors and correction of shortcomings.


What do we offer ?

You can order the development and implementation of the following software products:

Creating a website consists of a series of steps. Our advantage is that we provide a comprehensive approach to creating sites at any stage.

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With state-of-the-art tools and technologies, we create applications that can support your business and install on your customers' mobile devices.

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Software development includes the creation, design, deployment, and maintenance of computer software for early operating systems.

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We develop design concepts. Then the concept is agreed with the customer and finalized according to his needs.

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We create software products that are combined with cloud services and IoT devices. We provide server infrastructure, network and security management services.

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RPA is a multi-vertical and cross-cutting technology that can automate various processes and tasks regardless of the nature of your business. We can perform the full implementation of robotics or only individual steps.

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